Wall Climbing at Climb Asia

The fourth climb was challenging because the color of the stones I picked (yellow and blue) was really further apart. I panicked a meter away to the top. I was too engrossed of the thought of falling, thanks to my coach's encouragement I made it to the top!

Replacing the iPhone 4S Battery I've had issues with my iPhone 4S for quite some time now. I've been patient long enough to use an external batteries but it came to a point when it's already annoying, it doesn't hold the charge anymore I finally decided to get the internal battery. With the help of... Continue Reading →

Last Sunday, I went to The Vault with friends from the Instagram SGIG community  to check out Sunday Artists Market. It's a bimonthly fair where in artists have their own stalls featuring their work for sale. It's the first time I've attended the event and its in a lounge. There's good music, food, art and cocktails. SGIG... Continue Reading →

Thaipusam in Singapore 2013

Thaipusam is a Hindu festival held during the 10th month (Thai) of the Tamil calendar. It's also celebrated in Malaysia, Mauritius, Thailand and Myanmar. The celebration of the festival is the exact time where in the star "Pusam" is at its highest point in the heavens. The devotees perform a dance called Kavadi Attam during... Continue Reading →

Moves App

I like discovering applications especially  when it comes to navigation.  This is one of the tools recommended by a friend of mine on Google+ (Gerard Van Schip and Derek Arnwine). The app is called Moves and it tracks all your moves, from walking to cycling and running. I just find it funny sometimes when I... Continue Reading →

Upgrading my Vintage Macbook Pro

Finally received my shipment from Crucial a recommendation from my friend Gerard Van Schip. I had my Macbook pro since 2009 and have never upgraded. And it came to a point where in I really thought about upgrading. Considering I have a lot of gadgets at home, an Ipad, 2 iPhones, and a desktop at... Continue Reading →

Offbeat Bangkok

Arriving on a Friday night, I called my friend Simon to pick me up, however it sounds like he is not in the right frame of mind to drive. Long story short I grabbed a cab not knowing any word in Thai and just told the driver to talk to my friend over the phone, to get the directions of the place where I wanted to go. Thankfully, the driver understood and took me to my friend's apartment.

Weekends with Ahnita 12/09/2012

Last Sunday was a full day of walking and socializing. Had lunch with aunt at Takashimaya, did a little shopping. Weekends are usually packed I really dislike going with the crowd. After lunch I had to rush to Vivo city to meet with other bloggers. I haven't exposed myself yet in the blogging community and... Continue Reading →

Beijing June 2012

The beauty of this part of the wall is the history and how it is made. It's one of the most amazing structures ever built that while it was being built, hundreds of people died that their bones were made to be part of the wall. After 4 hours of tough climbs and steep slopes we waited for the sunset in Jinshaling.

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